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Extraction service upgrade on April 10, 2022

by Envoice
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New document extraction technology

We are introducing new data extraction technology. New technology helps us to speed up the data capture process and enhance the quality of extracted data. Most importantly – thanks to the self-learning ability, the accuracy of extracted data is increasing over time.

The new solution is automatically applied to all users.

Changes for customers using additional service ExactExtract

Handling emails with multiple purchase invoices

If an email sent to your Invoice Inbox contains multiple purchase invoices, a Draft will be created to Purchase Workspace view.

By opening the draft, all attachments in the email are displayed on the list.

Extraction with multiple invoices


Extraction of multiple invoices

If you want to extract all the documents as separate invoices, then you need to upload them to Envoice one by one.

  1. Save invoices to your computer by clicking Download
  2. Add an invoice to Envoice

The selected invoice is forwarded to extraction and the usual data capture process will follow.

Extraction of one invoice

  1. Select desired invoice file
  2. Click Confirm

The selected invoice is forwarded to extraction and all other files will be added as additional attachments to the selected purchase invoice.

To delete additional attachments, select the desired attachment from the tab and click Delete.

Extracting invoice with attachments

Handling of non-purchase invoices

If an email in Invoice Inbox contains an attachment of a file type supported by Envoice (see Supported File Types) but does not match the purchase invoice characteristics (eg delivery note, payment order confirmation, contract, etc.), it is automatically transferred to Drafts.

We try to identify as much data from the document as possible, and then the user can decide whether:

  • Complete the data and adds it as a purchase invoice
  • Deletes an unnecessary document

NB! Extraction fee applies to all documents that are processed by the Envoice operator.

Line item extraction

The description of the first line item on the purchase invoice will no longer be extracted. Instead, the line description is marked as “Service / Goods“.

Notice! The change does not apply to users who have enabled a line item extraction service for this particular supplier.

Line item extraction service can be enabled from the Contact (supplier) profile:

  1. Go to Settings – Contacts
  2. Select the supplier to add the service
  3. Select Yes from the “Extract line items for this supplier (fees apply)” dropdown
  4. Click Save
Ordering line item extraction


Payment method identification

New technology enables Envoice to extract debit or credit card as a payment method from invoices, as long as it’s clearly identifiable on the document.


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