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The Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2022

by Envoice
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Running a small business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work. But its also very rewarding. All it takes is making the right decisions and using all the help you can get.

As a small business owner, you know that technology can be your best friend – and your worst enemy. On the one hand, technology can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, if you don’t use it correctly, it can be a massive waste of time and money.

So, knowing which technology tools to use is critical for small business’ success.

This blog post will share the best apps for businesses, big or small. If you’re thinking of starting a business venture or already have one, some apps can help you run it more smoothly. Check them out.

The Perfect Apps for General Productivity

Let’s face it; there are a million and one things to do when you’re running a small business. And it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. That’s why it’s essential to have some general productivity apps to help you stay organized and on top of everything.

The Perfect Apps for Productivity

1. Evernote

Evernote is famous and with good reason. It’s a potent tool that can help you boost productivity. It’s one of the best small business apps that help business owners with everything from brainstorming new ideas to journaling to creating to-do lists.

You can use Evernote for just about anything, and it’s available on pretty much every platform imaginable. Have it close by you by installing it on your mobile devices, and you’ll be ready to go.

Use the free version or pay $12/month and enjoy the fantastic benefits.

2. Pocket

This small business app makes saving what you see on the internet fast and easy. You can read it later when you have time or save it for offline viewing. Best of all, Pocket strips away all the ads and distractions so you can focus on the content. Business owners can benefit significantly from one of the top small business apps.

Pricing: Free with optional premium features


IFTTT is one of the best small business apps that lets business owners automate some of their business tasks. It also houses all your favourite apps and tools in one place so you can access them quickly and easily. The monthly fees are reasonable, and it is the go-to if business running smoothly is among the top goals for you.

Pricing: It’s free with optional premium features that start at $1.99 a month.

4. Hootsuite

If you’re managing social media for your small business, Hootsuite is a must-have app. It lets you manage all your social media accounts in one place, schedule posts ahead of time, track who’s talking about your brand, and more. If you are doing social media marketing for your own business, this app will help immensely.

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Pricing: Free with monthly fees starting at $49/month.

The Perfect Apps for Project Management

Managing projects – big and small – is a huge part of running a small business. And if you’re not careful, it can quickly become overwhelming. Many project management apps will help you stay on top of your projects to focus on what’s important.

The Perfect Apps for Project Management


5. Asana

This app is perfect for managing both simple and complex projects. Small business owners create to-do lists, set deadlines, assign tasks to team members, and track their progress. Best of all, it’s free for up to 15 users. Get Asana now and see how much easier your life will be with a scheduling app that makes team communication easy. It integrates with both Android and iOS, and there is a free service to get you started.

Pricing: Free for up to 15 users, with monthly fees starting at $10.99 per user per month.

6. Trello

With Trello, you can easily create and manage projects of all sizes. It’s great for individual and team use and perfect for visual learners. With Trello, you can create boards and cards to organise your projects. It works on most mobile devices and will make personal projects easy to manage.

Small business owners can also add comments, files, and due dates. It works in both Android and iOS software and is one of the best project management software. The monthly fees are pretty reasonable though you will have to cater for every user on this project management app.

Pricing: Free, with monthly fees or plans starting at $10/user per month.

7. Basecamp

Probably one of the most well-known projects management apps, Basecamp is perfect for managing complex projects. It’s great for team collaboration and has to-do lists, file sharing, and real-time chat features.

The intuitive interface and ease of use make this app a favourite among small businesses. But it’s not the easiest to learn, so take some time to explore the app before getting started. Business owners need this small business management app to keep their projects going.

Pricing: 15 projects, unlimited users – $24/month, Unlimited projects, complete users – $150/month

The Best Apps for Accounting and Finance

Running a small business requires you to wear many hats, and one of those hats is being an accountant. Fortunately, some great apps can take care of the nitty-gritty details.

The Best Apps for Accounting and Finance


8. Xero

This app is perfect for small businesses that need help with accounting and bookkeeping. It’s easy to use and offers various features, including invoicing, cash flow, bill tracking, and expense management.

Best of all, Xero integrates with over 1000 apps and houses all your accounting in one place.

Pricing: Plans start at $12/month for the basic plan, and the highest package goes for $65/month.

9. QuickBooks

The list is never complete without including QuickBooks. This app is the gold standard for small business accounting. It’s packed with features and can handle even the most complex financial needs.

It’s pretty popular and integrates with many other accounting apps. If you’re serious about your accounting, QuickBooks should be at the top of your list. It will help you with expense tracking, cash flow reports, time tracking, file sharing, and works for multiple companies.

There are QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions, which can be accessed through a mobile device. On top of that, you can link it directly to your bank account for easier monitoring.

Pricing: Plans start at $12.50/month for the Self-Employed plan and go up to $90/month for the higher program.

10. Wave Apps

This app is perfect for small businesses that need help with accounting and bookkeeping. The most stand-out feature of this free app is the ease of use. With Wave Apps, you can create invoices, track sales tax, etc. Best of all – there is a free version!

Pricing: Free for the basic plan with paid features starting at $20/month.

11. Envoice

Are you tired of all the data entry work that comes with keeping track of your finances? Envoice can help.

Using smart capture, invoices, receipts, and expense management is a breeze. The best part is integrating it with your accounting software of choice. You don’t have to do manual data entry anymore; this app will let you capture all the relevant info in a flash.

Pricing: Plans start at €5 /month for the basic plan or €10 /month for the Business plan.

The Best Apps for Communication and Collaboration

When you’re running a small business, communication is vital. These apps for small businesses will help you stay in touch with your team and make sure everyone is on the same page.

The Best Apps for Communication and Collaboration

Source: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

12. Slack

Slack is a popular communication app that’s beloved by many small businesses. Slack is one of the most popular communication apps, and for a good reason – it’s super easy to use and has a ton of features.

Pricing: The free version is quite limited, but the Standard plan starts at $6.67 per user.

13. Stride

Cheap, easy to use, and great for team collaboration – Stride is a winner. This app has all the features you need, including video chat, audio call, screen sharing, and group chat.

The free version is elementary, and if you want more collaboration like screen sharing, you must pay per user.

Pricing: There is a free version, but the paid version starts at $3 per user per month.

14. Zoom

Zoom is a great alternative to Stride if you need more features like recording and transcription. This app is perfect for video conferencing, webinars, and group chat. The free version gives you 40 minutes and can host up to 100 people. More than that, you need to sign up for a paid account.

Pricing: The free version is limited, but the paid plans start at $149.90 per year per license.

The Best Apps for Payments

Accepting payments is a crucial part of any small business. After all, it’s the main reason people start and run businesses! These apps will help you accept payments quickly and easily.

15. Square

This app is perfect for businesses that need to accept credit card payments on the go. With Square, you can accept payments anywhere, anytime. All you need is your smartphone and the Square reader.

Pricing: 3.5%+15 cents for manually entered transactions or 2.75% for every transaction swiped.

16. Dwolla

Dwolla may be a better option for businesses that don’t rely on Point-of-Sale transactions. This app is perfect for online businesses or businesses that rely on bank transfers.

It’s customizable by the app to tailor it to your specific business needs. Best of all, there are no transaction fees, for the most part. Custom customs fees are tailored to particular needs if a business requires more features.

17. PayPal Here

One of the most popular payment apps, PayPal is great for businesses of all sizes. This point of sale app has many features, including invoicing, mobile payments, and in-store payments.

It also has a small card reader that can be customized for mobile devices. Each swipe attracts a 2.7% payment, but that’s a reasonable fee compared to what small business owners get from this platform.

The Best Apps for Inventory Management

If you run a business that sells physical products, inventory management is critical. These apps will help you keep track of your inventory and never run out of stock.

18. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and it has a built-in inventory management system. This app is perfect for businesses that sell online or in brick-and-mortar stores. With Shopify, you can track your inventory levels, reorder products, and manage your inventory from one central location.

Pricing: Plans start at $29 per month

The Best Apps for Inventory Management


19. TradeGecko

This app is perfect for businesses that sell products wholesale. With TradeGecko, you can track your inventory levels, process orders, and manage your customers from one central location. Best of all, TradeGecko is perfect for multichannel businesses so that you can manage your inventory and orders from one platform.

Pricing: Plans start at $39 per month but are billed annually.

Parting shot

There you go, folks! These apps will remove the headache from running your small business. Most are tailored to meet your specific business needs and are very affordable. Best of all, they’ll help you run your business like a pro!

Happy app-ing! 🙂


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