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Automate QuickBooks with Envoice: Pre-Accounting Made Simple

by Envoice
11 min read
automate quickbooks with Envoice

Want to know how you can automate QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced? Got some pre-accounting tasks you’d like to get rid of? No problem! Let’s get it done.

Pre-accounting is a term used to define the tasks involved in preparing financial data for capture and processing. It refers to the mundane tasks of collecting and collating information, and gathering supporting documentation before any accounting work can take place. It would seem there is nothing simple about these repetitive tasks that take up too much time, effort and resources BUT today you can end all that with accounting automation tool, Envoice.

In the time it takes to read this article, QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Envoice will help you automate your pre-accounting process, eliminating manual data entry and tedious tasks. With a few basic rules, you can teach Envoice to recognize your recording patterns and place financial records in the correct categories. It will also automate workflows allowing you to speedily process accounting tasks and get approvals.

Considering the efficiency you’ll gain from using Envoice, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it will be to integrate it with QBO, how easy it is to use and how much more you’ll get done because Envoice will take over the tasks you hate. You’ll also love the price – the value provided by this automation tool far exceeds the monthly subscription!

Stick around while we discuss the benefits of an Envoice integration with QBO that WILL make pre-accounting simple.

Help me to automate my pre-accounting tasks now.

Become more accurate and save time and money.

Envoice integration with QBO for data extraction
Seamless synchronization with QBO

Firstly, you wont need an Envoice consultant to set up the software for you. From initial activation, accounting settings from QuickBooks Online will be pulled into Envoice. Then you can select either manual or automatic synchronization to keep your data accurate between Envoice and QBO.

No need to start from scratch – just set up rules

The easy-to-use platform allows you to set up rules for categorization, approval, and more, so you can spend less time on manual tasks and focus on business operations.


The software also automates expense distribution by extracting line items from invoices and receipts, allowing you to easily allocate costs to specific cost centers or projects. You can eliminate repetitive tasks immediately as Envoice accommodates both simple recording and more advanced recording, like splitting expenses between different tax codes.

Data extraction that can be trusted

Most accounting software does not have the capability of Envoice’s next-generation technology that analyzes your recording patterns and provides accurate data extraction and categorization.

As the AI-driven functionality learns more from the synchronization with QBO, the rules you set up and your recording patterns, it becomes more intelligent and provides a higher degree of accuracy in a short amount of time. As good as your accounting department may be, it cannot provide the kind of accuracy that Envoice can.

SmartExtract Technology

This superior technology, SmartExtract, comes standard with every Envoice subscription. To put this in context, whether you pay $7 for the basic subscription (Essentials) or $14 for the Business subscription, you will get SmartExtract. Bookkeepers who use Envoice save 8 hours a week on data entry—a business efficiency you can’t ignore.

ExactExtract Technology

Furthermore, you add ExactExtract to any subscription for an additional $0.20 per document and you receive ‘human-in-the-loop’ verification services, which guarantee an accuracy of 99.9%. Just think about that for a moment. The biggest problem with financial statements and tax returns is that there are always errors made somewhere, but with Envoice you can rest knowing that all your financial data is accurate.

We feel like we need to explain something quickly. This kind of technology can be found in its most basic form with QBOs Advanced subscription. However, the capabilities of the Envoice automation tool far outrank similar products. We’ve invested years of development into our platform and have worked with accountants and bookkeepers to perfect the product we have now.

Enjoy the advantages of data extraction technology with Envoice.

How to eliminate repetitive bookkeeping tasks?

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and we will show you how

What good would business process automation be if you couldn’t go paperless? Envoice helps QuickBooks Online users collect bills, invoices and receipts, regardless of whether they are received by email or on paper. Intelligent data capture removes manual data entry and decreases the risk of human error. No more jumping between mailboxes, folders or drawers. Everything is conveniently in one place.

Envoice web page showing document uploads from multiple sources
You can finally go paperless.

Also you can say goodbye to time-consuming and manual uploads. With Envoice, you can effortlessly upload multiple documents from your computer to our system all at once.

Collect bills and receipts in one place.

Envoice integrates with storage service providers such as OneDrive and Dropbox, offering you one place to store all your documentation. You can easily send your documents from there to Envoice without leaving the platform.

You can share your dedicated Envoice email address with suppliers and eliminate the need for manual processing. Simply forward all invoices and bills directly to your Envoice inbox, where they will be automatically processed and stored securely in the cloud.

With up-to-date status information, you’ll always know the current status of all your documents.

Use the mobile app to capture bills and receipts on the go

Capture and submit bills and receipts directly to Envoice for processing or expense report creation. This will help your entire company streamline accounting processes. These documents go to the same place everything else goes, which provides a truly seamless system for processing documents.

Go paperless with Envoice.

Standardize workflows and request approvals in one place.

Envoice Standardize workflows and request approvals

Automate your workflow to improve efficiency.Unless you’re prepared to pay $200 a month for QBOs Advanced subscription, workflow automation is not something you’ll get by using QuickBooks on its own.

But you can automate QuickBooks workflows by integrating with Envoice. Automation tools like this one give you superior functionality but don’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. What’s not to like? For a maximum of $14 a month for an Envoice’s Business subscription, you can enjoy the benefits of workflow automation and approvals.

Automate recurring expenses

You can set up personal customized rules for recurring expenses such as utilities, software subscriptions, and more, and enjoy automatic approval without any extra effort needed on your part. Our smart approval system will take care of everything, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Put an end to manual approval routing.

Can we hear a hooray? Now you can empower your entire team with a multi-level approval workflow tailored to your business needs. Each team member can have an approval limit and receive real-time feedback from team members. You’ll stay on top of all approvals by signing approval rules for the correct person, effectively automating the approval process and cutting down on manual follow-up, backlogs, and delays.

Envoice will automatically forward all pending and new approvals to a substitute during your absence, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Reduce fraud risk instantly.

The fewer hands that touch paperwork during a manual accounting process the better. Why? Because it prevents the number of people that can interfere in the processing of a transaction. Now you can eliminate fraud with automated workflows. Envoice automatically logs user actions, including comments, approvals, rejections, delegations, and more, to provide a comprehensive overview of all activity within the system.

Your entire team can collaborate to get things done on Envoice

This is one of those pre-accounting functions that is least thought of and yet most impactful on whether the work gets done on time. With manual financial processes, there is always some kind of disconnect in communication. This isn’t the case with automated workflows. Envoice pulls everything together for you in one place.

It’s not likely that your entire team will have access to every functionality in QuickBooks and this means there will always be key members out of the loop somewhere in your process. As a result, your financial operations suffer. However, with Envoice, team members can view information without having the authorization to change it. You are completely in control of what everyone can view, change and approve.

Team members can start a conversation with one another or clients with in-app messaging. This allows the quick resolution of pre-accounting questions and queries as everyone is given a direct way to communicate.

Automate your workflow and approvals process with Envoice

Automate expense claims and reporting

Envoice Automating expense claims report

Only available within QBOs premium subscription (Advanced at $200 a month), employee expense tracking comes standard with Envoice. As far as pre-accounting tasks go, collecting paper receipts is everyone’s nightmare. If only employees would stop throwing their receipts away or misplacing them. If only bookkeepers and accountants could stop chasing after these documents.

What used to be wishful thinking is now a reality thanks to Envoice’s mobile app and full expense reporting. Employees can capture, categorize, and submit expense reports on the go with the mobile app. To attach supporting documentation, they simply scan the document using their mobile and send it for approval.

You can create standardized templates for submission of expenses and automate rules for approval by managers and the accounting team. You can also set up customized reimbursement rates and per diems so employees can report mileage and daily allowances quickly and easily online.

Envoice will automate the reimbursement of expenses on one receipt according to the rules you have set and categorize the expense. Personal items can be automatically rejected based on these rules, cutting down on fraud and incorrect claims.

Removing this tedious logging of expenses, following up on supporting documents and manual rejection of personal expenses is guaranteed to save time, money, and resources.

Yes, I am interested in Envoice for pre-accounting automation

Automate your pre-accounting tasks with QuickBooks Online and Envoice

In this article, we’ve discussed how you can save time, money and effort by eliminating the tedious and mundane tasks associated with pre-accounting work. Whether you’re a small business owner, bookkeeper or an accountant running a firm, this innovative and technological app is a sure winner as far as QBO add-ons go.

If you missed some of the benefits and skipped straight to the end, here is a summary of the key benefits Envoice provides when integrated with your QBO software.

  • Become more accurate, and save time and money.
  • Seamless synchronization with QBO and no need for tedious set up by a consultant.
  • There are two data extraction options: SmartExtract, which comes standard with all subscriptions and ExactExtract, which is a human-in-the-loop verification system that promises 99.9% accuracy.
  • Automatic categorization of financial transactions, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Go completely paperless and collect supporting documents in one place.
  • Use the Envoice mobile app to scan, categorize, and submit expense claims. This eliminates all the pre-accounting work involved for the accounting team.
  • Automate workflows and approvals with automatic tracking of the approval process. Eliminate confusion, manual routing, backlogs, fraud and miscommunication.
  • Automate approval of expense claims by employees, drastically cutting down the time it takes to process reimbursements.


Envoice can be integrated with QBO on any subscription. Why is this good news? As a small business owner, bookkeeper or accountant, you can benefit from all of Envoice’s powerful automation functionality without needing to pay higher subscription fees.

As a reminder, you can sign up for Envoice in three easy steps for either $7 per company per month (Essentials) or $14 per company monthly (Business). Essentials is for small businesses that want to automate their bookkeeping and Business is for companies that want to automate every aspect of their pre-accounting functions.


That brings us to the end of our article. We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to understand how Envoice is a game-changer when it comes to the automation of pre-accounting tasks. We fully believe that if you give Envoice a trial run, you’ll never look back. Sign up today and start saving time, money and resources.

Until next time, we will look at more invoice integrations and other exciting accounting automation topics.



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