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Integrating Envoice with Directo can help lower pre-accounting expenses and speed up financial processing.

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Why connect Envoice to your Directo account

Go paperless

Envoice helps Directo users to collect invoices and expenses regardless if received by email or on paper. Intelligent data capture eliminates manual data entry and decreases risk of human errors. No more jumping between mailboxes, folders or drawers. Everything is efficiently in one place.

Manage expenses with ease

Employees can gather their receipts and create expense or travel reports with Envoice to streamline the reimbursement process. Invoices and reports can easily be coded and approved. Approvers, notified by an automatic email, can review, approve and comment items regardless of their location.

Automate bookkeeping

You can run automatic coding features and approval workflow. Our intelligence provides you with personal insights for automating recurring and routine tasks. Seamless synchronization with Directo turns your purchases and expenses into accurately coded transactions.

"Most of the invoices we receive are forwarded in PDF format, as a picture file or on paper, we needed an easier option for the digitalization of documents. The cooperation of Envoice and Directo seemed like a perfect match. What we also love about Envoice is the fact that they invest 3% of their profit into planting new trees!"

- Kadri Kõrgend, Accountant


Let us handle the manual work

Free yourself from actions that technology can do better, get your accounting data extracted accurately in seconds.

Streamline processes, make sure your team doesn’t miss critical steps and deliver value faster with automation.

Create more efficient workflows by standardizing tasks and connecting teams, all in one app.

Free yourself from actions that technology can do better, and get your accounting data extracted accurately in seconds.

Bookkeepers using Envoice data entry/extraction saves more than 8 hours per week.

Manage expenses with ease

Bring your approvals to the online platform and create flexible and automated workflows that give you an overview and control of business expenses.

Manage the expense reporting process easier with an all-in-one tool and reimburse employees on time.

Get all your team members to work in one place to streamline your accounting processes.

Go paperless

Bring your documents to a new era and stop collecting paper receipts. Streamline your incoming flow by automating data collection.

Ensure that you stay in sync while you’re on the go with our Android and iOS mobile apps.

Keep all your accounting documents in one secure storage that is easy to access from anywhere, anytime.

How to get started

1Log in to your to your Envoice account and activate integration with Directo

2Authorize Envoice to access your Directo account

3You are successfully connected!

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