Empower your Directo and automate your bookkeeping

Connect Envoice with your accounting software to decrease bookkeeping costs and processing time. Our expense management and automation features let you focus on your actual business challenges.

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Collect and capture

Envoice helps Directo users to collect invoices and expenses regardless if received by email or on paper. Intelligent data capture eliminates manual data entry and decreases risk of human errors. No more jumping between mailboxes, folders or drawers. Everything is efficiently in one place.

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Manage expenses with ease

Employees can gather their receipts and create expense or travel reports with Envoice to streamline the reimbursement process. Invoices and reports can easily be coded and approved. Approvers, notified by an automatic email, can review, approve and comment items regardless of their location.

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Automate your bookkeeping

You can run automatic coding features and approval workflow. Our intelligence provides you with personal insights for automating recurring and routine tasks. Seamless synchronization with Directo turns your purchases and expenses into accurately coded transactions.

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Trusted partnership

Directo is fully internet based business software, which includes financial accounting, ressource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management and electronic document management functions.

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Directo users enjoy paperless accounting. It helps them to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Implementing Directo does not require IT investments or continious maintenance costs. You can use Directo from any desktop or laptop computer connected to internet.

Free customer support

Directo provides effective support in any circumstances. Your account manager is able to support and guide you remotely.

Getting started

  1. Login to your Envoice account, activate integration with Directo and find the API credentials
  2. Login to your Directo account and insert the API credentials
  3. You’re connected!!
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ft. SmartExtract + ExactExtract + Invoicing

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ft. ExactExtract + Approval Workflow + Invoicing

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