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    Cloud archive of all original documents
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Data extraction Q & A

Lite plan gives you 24 h automatic data extraction tool. Envoice can extract 70-95% of bookkeeping data for you to approve or amend.

Standard plan gives you comfort with throrough quality control. Our human operator controls and amends extrated data to assure 99,5% accuraccy.

Compare extraction plans here.

Lite plan automatic extraction is fast and provides results under a minute.

Standard plan extraction speed may vary based on number of simultaneously submitted documents. It usually takes no more than 5 hours from submitting on working hours.

We can extract data from JPG and PDF files.

Having an integration with your accounting software makes the data publishing fast and comfortable, but it is not mandatory for you when using Envoice.

Yes. HMRC encourages businesses to store their documents in a safe server.

Yes. When registering your account you can choose extraction and expense management plans that suit best with your needs.

You can choose to have business class extraction with Standard plan and Lite expense management plan without any approval rounds.

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