How to make the best use of Envoice?

Whether you’re in a need for simple data extraction solution, approval workflow for collaboration or your employee is expecting the reimbursement for a business expenditure, Envoice works for your business.

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Capture and Forget

If you are still managing employee expenses the old-fashioned way, you may require robust functionality such as simple receipt collection. Envoice provides you with a user-friendly mobile app for receipt tracking and invoice scanning on the go.

Captured item and the extracted data will be published directly to your accounting software.

  • Use mobile app for instant receipt capturing
  • Collect receipts from your employees directly to your accounting software
  • Easily manage user privileges and submission rights for your company
  • Use same user account for multiple companies


Collect and Extract

Manually processing invoices can slow everything down, can create friction between you and your invaluable vendors – relationships you can’t afford to lose. Luckily, we have a solution for that – Invoice Inbox. Suppliers can send email invoices directly to Envoice. Data you need for payments and accounting will be extracted from items in your Invoice Inbox and will be published directly to your accounting software. Implementing a system that removes data entry and paper can save up to 50% of your book keeping time.

  • Auto-publish extracted invoices directly to your accounting software
  • Forward extracted invoices from Google, Uber, and more directly to your accounting software
  • Keep your personal business email clean of invoices by auto-forwarding them to Invoice Inbox
  • Automatic spam-filtering keeps your inbox clean of irrelevant emails
  • Receive instant notifications in case of publishing errors


Spend and Report

Still using spreadsheets to manage business and travel expenses? Envoice provides you a complete solution for expense report management. Employees can create and submit expense reports, managers can approve them and accountants can record and review that everything is correct. Reports are published to your accounting software, so they could be immediately reimbursed.

  • Have your employees create reports for their expenditures
  • Use expense categories that are linked to your chart of accounts
  • You can record and review every report before publishing to your accounting software
  • Support for multi payment method on single repot
  • Spending can be partially reimbursed in case of personal spendings
  • Support for multi-currency reporting
  • Use projects for more advanced tracking


Review and Approve

In organizations, purchases and expenses often need to be formally approved before they can be paid or reimbursed. Implementing Envoice provides you multi-level approval workflow. Managers, notified by an automatic email, can approve and comment expenses instantly regardless of their location or device.

  • Get instant email notifications if your review or approval is needed
  • One-click comment, approve or reject invoices
  • You control the visibility of your expense
  • Run approval workflows automatically based on your needs upon receiving the invoice or expense report
  • Create an audit trail – Know who’s approving what, when, and why—and keep a record of it, automatically.


Record and Track

Envoice makes recording and tracking your expenses simpler. Before items are published to your accounting software you can add expense account and/or tracking data to your invoices. Add tracking category options to transactions so you can create reports by the areas of your business. The tracking process is made quick and easy and helps you save time on expense claims.

  • Add expense accounts, projects and TAX codes to your expenses and purchases
  • Your chart of accounts among with projects is synced from your accounting software
  • Cost allocation rules can be saved as templates and can be applied automatically
  • Receive information for analyzing and managing the company’s expenses trough recordings in accounting software
  • Have your employees to add tracking information to purchases within the approval process
  • For allocating costs, you can split your purchase invoices to multiple line items


Detect and Automate

Envoice is a multifunctional tool for automating labour-intensive bookkeeping tasks. When the data is extracted and is available electronically, Envoice is able to analyze it with your behaviour patterns. Therefore we have the capability to predict the possible posting options. You have the choice to accept it or create your own.

  • Cost allocation rules can be saved as templates and can be applied automatically
  • Create and use templates for approval workflows
  • Predefined rules for TAX rates to automate the work process

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