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Automatic credit card payments

by Envoice
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We are happy to announce that starting from 1 May 2018, Envoice has automatic credit card billing. You can add a new billing account for your company with any credit or debit card as a payment method.

Why are automatic payments so good?

Automatic card payment debited at the beginning of each calendar month saves you time paying for your Envoice subscription. Our Enterprise clients can still pay by bank transfer.

How to switch to automatic billing?

To activate automatic billing, log into your Envoice account and select Settings, and then Subscription. In this view, you will see your current billing account and you can add a new billing account with your credit card information. All users can add billing accounts and all users who have gained access to a billing account can modify billing account details. To change company’s billing account, you need to be an account administrator.

What is a billing account?

At the end of your free trial you need to link your company account to a new or existing billing account. The billing account contains the information needed to charge you for the company’s Envoice subscription. You need to set a billing account for each company account. A single billing account can be used to pay for multiple companies. Accounting firms for example have one billing account to pay for all their clients subscribed to Envoice. To set up a billing account, go to Settings, select Subscription and click on Link a billing account or Create new billing account. Lite and Standard package users can only use automatic card payments to pay for their subscriptions.

How do the automatic card payments work?

Envoice works with PayPal’s subsidiary Braintree to collect monthly subscription and document fees. Envoice does not store your card information when creating a billing account and all the card information is secure with Braintree. Card payments are possible with all debit and credit cards that have online payments enabled.

How do I track my usage?

Log in to your Envoice account, select Settings, Subscription and click on your billing account. On your billing account, you’ll see your daily estimated subscription fees and document fees. You can add multiple companies to a single billing account, in which case you will see the current cost of all your company accounts. If you have any questions about billing, please read our user manual.


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