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Updates to Envoice User Roles & Permissions

by Envoice
2 min read

We’d like to update you on the forthcoming changes to user roles’ permissions in Envoice, effective from the February 21, 2024. These adjustments aim to refine user capabilities and streamline workflow efficiency.

The primary update revolves around the Accountant role. We’ve empowered accountants with additional capabilities, allowing them to adjust accounting settings and utilize automation tools more effectively.

Here’s a brief overview of the changes:

  • Administrator Role: This role remains unchanged and retains the highest level of privileges.
  • Accountant Role: We’ve enhanced the Accountant role with additional privileges. Accountants now have access to the Settings menu, allowing them to manage company accounting settings and contacts (suppliers and customers). However, they cannot configure integrations or manage users or subscription.
  • Auditor Role: Auditors can view all company documents but cannot modify them. We’ve added features to help auditors find and export documents more easily.
  • Payment Administrator: can handle all tasks related to invoice payments, including managing bank account statements. They also have access to view all company documents. They cannot manage bank accounts in Envoice, but can access them, upload bank statements and do payment reconciliation.
  • Other Roles: The rights for Employee, Salesman, Approver, and Reviewer roles remain unchanged.

Please review the roles assigned to users in your account (Settings > Users) to ensure they align with your requirements. For more details on configuring user roles, refer to our support article.

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