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Top 4 Divvy Alternatives

by Envoice
9 min read

Divvy, now officially Bill, is a platform for Accounts Payable, Receivable, Spend, and Expense Management. Users can centralize cash management for all inflows and outflows through a cloud-based solution and sync information directly into your accounting software through Bill. 

Designed for both organizations looking for better cash management solutions, accounting firms and wealth management firms looking for an efficient way to manage client accounts, sustain growth, and provide meaningful insights to a growing customer base.

Divvy/Bill offers different pricing models depending on the features you want access to. For Accounts payable only, pricing starts at:

  •  $45 per user per month for the Essentials plan that allows manual syncing via CSV files to your accounting software
  •  $45 per user per month for the Team plan that allows automatic 2-way sync

For the AP & AR plan, pricing starts at $79 per user per month which comes with the 2-way sync feature.

Users can also customize plans depending on their needs. also offers a free Spend & Expense plan for businesses and accounting firms, but there’s a catch.

For accounting firms, Bill offers a special plan that starts at $49 per month for their AP& AR partner. As of June 2023, 85% of the top 100 accounting firms in the US are part of Bill’s Partner Program. If you are only looking to manage spend and expenses, you can sign up for an account for free and request your Divvy card. 

Bill website screenshotSource: Bill

While there are many glowing reviews about Bill, some users continue to look for alternatives with similar capabilities for a variety of reasons.

Free Spend & Expense Plan Lacks Many Features

While‘s expense management software is free, users can only use the tool when they are using the Divvy virtual or physical card. If your company is already working with a corporate card provider, you may have to sign up for the Accounts Payable plan to track your spending on one platform. 

Integration Issues and Report Customization Limitations

Some users experience issues with integration features for Reports suggest difficulties in setting up the system to communicate with other AP systems, GL systems, and other programs. Some users find the tool’s reporting capabilities to be too limited.

Quality of Customer Support

Among the most common complaints users have is the customer support for Several users complain of not receiving adequate help from the support team promptly. Some do not feel like they receive answers within the expected time frames. 

Alternative 1: Envoice

Screenshot of Envoice websiteSource: Envoice


Envoice Main Features is like Envoice in many aspects – both tools target organizations looking for expense management solutions and accounting practices in search of a faster and more efficient way to reduce manual processes while delivering services to their clients. 

Envoice works with accounting companies, including that use the tool for tracking receipts, managing expense reports, and staying on top of all payables.

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Human-in-the-Loop Expense Review

Envoice reduces manual tasks by using automation and leveraging AI capabilities. However, the company recognizes the limitations of receipt capture technology and turns paper receipts and invoices into digital copies that can be used for invoice approvals and documentation to support transactions. Envoice offers the option to sign up for human review to increase the accuracy of captured invoices by as much as 99.9%

Enables Sustainable Growth Through Automation

With Envoice, AP teams can create more efficient processes by simplifying the steps required to approve invoices received from vendors or reimbursement requests sent by employees. Through automated workflows, businesses can handle more invoices without increasing the workload of the AP team or sacrificing quality control over all expense requests.

Support for Multiple Currencies and Payment Methods

One feature that many users like about using Envoice is the fact that the company supports multiple currencies. You can convert the currencies if needed. Users can also designate the currency for each supplier. 

Unlimited Users 

Envoice lets you create an account for all the members of your team without adding an extra fee. Since the pricing increases based on volume, you can create accounts for unlimited users and designate their roles within the system. Startups and businesses that experience peak seasons regularly don’t have to worry about upgrading and downgrading their plan since the billing for the period would reflect transaction volume, not the number of users or a set volume per month.

More Customization and Integration Options

Envoice allows users to customize rules to reflect their company policies and improve invoice approval workflows. The platform makes it easy to make or request changes. The company is also constantly improving services to increase integration with popular accounting software and other platforms used to manage expenses. 


Envoice has two subscription plans:

  • Essential Plan – $7 per company per month inclusive of 30 free documents + $0.015 for each additional document
  • Business Plan – $14 per company per month inclusive of 30 free documents + $0.015 for each additional document


Users can pay extra fees for these add-on services:

  • ExactExtract – $0.20 per document
  • Invoicing – $0.15 per document
  • Line Item Extraction – $0.02 per line item

Why Choose Envoice over Divvy/Bill?

While Bill has a free plan for its spend and expense feature, users have no other option but to use the linked card. Users who opt for the AP plan have to pay at least $45 per user per month. Envoice, on the other hand, offers a more affordable alternative with a starting price of only $7 per company per month, and there are no restrictions on the payment method used by the organization. 

With Envoice, companies and accounting firms can automate invoice approval workflows without breaking their budget. You can speed up invoice processing through automation, reduce manual reconciliation, and eliminate duplicative work through integration. 

Cons of Envoice

  • Does not have the capability to issue virtual cards
  • Lacks features designed for seamless travel expense management 


Airbase website screenshotSource: Airbase


Airbase Main Features

Consistent Platform for All Kinds of Spend

Airbase allows companies to manage all kinds of spending in one software. You can manage virtual cards, request reimbursement, and stay on top of bills and travel expenses. Through a modernized expense management platform, businesses can stay  in control of every kind of spend. 


Easy to Navigate and Use

Many Airbase customers find the platform easy to navigate for all users – even those who are not very good with technology. 

Excellent Customer Support

Airbase customer support has been getting a lot of positive reviews for being responsive. The company is constantly improving its platform based on customer feedback. 


Airbase does not provide pricing information on its page. You have to contact the company and request a quote. However, you can choose between three subscription options:

  • Standard – up to 200 employees
  • Premium – up to 500 employees
  • Enterprise – Up to 5,000 employees

Why Choose Airbase Over Divvy?

Users looking for Divvy alternatives that address poor customer support should add Airbase to their list of expense management tools worth considering. Airbase comes with the tools for large enterprises and global companies to monitor all spending in one location. Virtual corporate cards linked to the Airbase software allow you to manage employee benefits better. 

Cons of Airbase

  • Limited reporting options 
  • Prices tend to be a bit expensive for small businesses


Spendesk website screenshotSource: Spendesk


Spendesk Main Features

Centralize Spend Control

With Spendesk, users can improve control over online payments and manage all types of spend in one place. Employees have autonomy over spending but the company continues to have full control over budget and invoice approvals. You can also integrate Spendesk into your payroll management process to make employee reimbursements more convenient.

Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies

Users can change the interface language to Italian, German, English, Spanish, or French. Spendesk supports all currencies – making it ideal for companies with global operations. 

Stay in Control of Your Company Budget

With Spendesk, you have better control of your funds. You can set a budget for each account, increase funds, reduce limits, or block cards as needed. 


Users interested in Spendesk pricing should request a quote directly from the website. 

Why Choose Spendesk Over Divvy?

Spendesk is among the top alternatives for businesses looking for a spend management tool other than Divvy. Delivering full visibility over expenses is the top priority for Spendesk – making it easier for finance teams to manage and control spending, automate approvals, and track expenses through dashboards. 

Cons of Spendesk

  • Spendesk does not offer a free trial and is not available in some countries. 
  • It is not ideal for small businesses with very few employees

SAP Concur

 SAP Concur website screenshotSource: SAP Concur


SAP Concur Main Features

Availability of Plug-ins and Add-ons 

SAP Concur is compatible with many add-ons and plug-ins. The ERP software can also be integrated with other platforms like Salesforce. 


Control Spending Through Improved Business Intelligence

With SAP Concur, businesses have access to deep insights, interactive dashboards, and reports that will show you various types of sales metrics.

Manage Employee Travel in One Platform

SAP Concur helps you manage all the details of your trip in one platform, from airfare to rental cars and hotels.


You must request a quote through the SAP Concur website to receive estimated pricing depending on your needs.

Why Choose SAP Concur Over Divvy?

SAP Concur is one of the top Divvy alternatives. Bill spend management capabilities of this platform go beyond expense, travel, and spend management. SAP is one of the leading ERP software providers in the world. If you are already using SAP for other processes, it makes sense to use SAP Concur unless you have specific needs that will make it difficult to use this expense management tool.

Cons of SAP Concur

  • The app can be a bit slow at times
  • Set up can be complicated for first time users


Bill continues to improve services and features, but some users find the platform to lack what they need in terms of customer support, reporting, and cost. While there are many platforms for tracking expenses and helping companies comply with expense policies, we recommend Envoice for companies with straightforward requirements from their expense tracking tool. 

Robust expense reporting features and a low initial investment for subscribers make Envoice ideal for startups and small-to-midsized companies in cyclical industries. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool to help you manage expenses and issue digital cards, consider Airbase. Many users commend Airbase for its fast deployment and ease of use, making it one of the best alternatives for Bill.

If it’s time to move on from Bill for whatever reason, we recommend signing up for a demo version of the solutions you are planning to use next.

Always start by gauging the software’s capability —use the tool to run actual expenses. Create your Envoice account today, and start your 14-day trial for free.


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