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May 2021 Release: Redesigned Payment Methods, Invoice Inbox alias & much more

by Envoice
2 min read

Redesigned Payment methods

First, we enhanced user experience by changing the way Payment Methods are set up, making it more intuitive. To set up Payment Methods for the users’ personal funds, you are able to do it from Payment Methods settings, instead of setting it up on the user profile. Read more about setting up payment methods

Introducing Invoice Inbox alias

Emailing is the easiest way to submit supplier invoices to Envoice. Each company account has a unique email that is used to send documents into Envoice that ends in Now it’s possible to create an additional email with a prefix that is easier to remember, like your company name. Read more: how to add an email alias.

We’ve made a few changes:

  • For easier management of Approval Workflow templates, there is an added feature to search among created templates. You can search a template by an approver or by a description.
  • Sales invoice to multiple receivers – now it’s possible to send sales invoice to multiple email recipients.
  • Automagic SmartRecord is smarter again – when using a supplier invoice that has multiple VATs, the SmartRecord is able to determine better and assign more precisely the correct VAT codes.


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