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Save your time and increase efficiency by keeping a complete record of all your expenses. With Envoice, even a small company can have enterprise-grade business process automation and reporting.

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Spend and Report

Employees can easily submit their receipts and create expense reports wherever they are. Just capture a receipt with our mobile app and we will extract important details like the supplier, date, cost and more. For business travelers, we also bring additional value with automated travel application and reporting solution. Therefore your employees can create a request, convert an approved application to a report and submit for reimbursement. Reports are published directly to your accounting software.

We believe that our additional features like mileage tracking and partial reimbursement for subtracting personal expenditures from receipts will optimize your processes even further.


Manage, Review and Approve

Approval Workflow

Every purchase or expense report can be sent to the approval workflow. Employees can draft expense claim, add notes and expenses. Managers, notified by an automatic email, can approve expenses instantly regardless of their location. You can add comments, edit records, or request additional information. Make life easy with workflows that can be run automatically upon receiving the invoices or expense reports.

Seamless Integration
Linking Envoice with your accounting software moves processed data electronically between the systems. It helps you to save time, by reducing errors and avoiding manual data entry. Integration ensures that documents are coded accurately and submitted on time. This will give you a better visibility to the financial health of your business. Therefore improving operational efficiency and driving real-time decision-making.

This will enhance compliance and most importantly, provide you visibility into employee’s and company’s expenses.



Automate recurring tasks

Process automation has been around for years. In the context of purchase and expense management, automation eliminates the need for a certain type of low-skill tasks. More importantly, automation works 24/7 and performing repetitive tasks rapidly and without errors.

In Envoice, we are continuously developing new automation features to optimize and make your processes more efficient. Our smart rules allow you to run automated approval workflows, with instant notifications and approval limits. You can automate recording and tracking of your expenses by creating smart rules or get personal insights on your recurring tasks by our intelligence expense analysis.

Simplify your purchase-to-pay process

Focus on your business and customer experience. Rely on Envoice to optimize and automate your bookkeeping.

Approval Workflows

  • Multi-level approval workflows
  • Instant email notifications
  • One-click approving from notification
  • Approval limits for your users

Expense Reporting

  • Travel reporting with per diem rates
  • Reporting expenses on behalf of another user
  • Partial reimbursement for personal spending
  • Mileage reimbursement

Automated bookkeeping

  • Smart rules for recording and cost distribution
  • SmartRecord automates recurring activities
  • Unlimited users for free
  • Advanced verification features for data compliance


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