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Envoice’s response to the spread of Covid-19

by Envoice
2 min read

We are overwhelmed by the feedback shared with us during the last two weeks about the benefits of Envoice while trying to survive in this “new working order” – remote work, home office, social distancing, saving Your business… And those with school-age kids know that it is even harder to turn your living rooms and other spaces simultaneously into classrooms and offices.

All this brings its challenges! But after it is over we will find ourselves questioning many areas of our life. For example, why did we work, study or live as we did before?

Crises always teach us something, while creating space for innovations. We know that technology can never replace our social/physical need to see, feel or hug each other. Yet it can pretty well replace many boring activities that usually go unacknowledged. Especially when we realise that they get done quicker and more accurate by technology.

In terms of bookkeeping, Envoicers have already bypassed this phase and jumped into the new era without the nudge by the crisis. We did not create Envoice for situations like this. But times like now prove that it works.

At Envoice we work hard to automate and reduce our client’s workload. Previously, the elimination of data entry and recurring tasks, as well as paper-free handling of all receipts and purchase invoices was the key. Now, we understand that features like approval workflow are much needed for remote work. That said, let us know if there are any use cases we do not seem to support yet. Because only by you sharing your challenges can we make the product even more useful for you.

Due to the situation at hand, Envoice team also works remotely by now – with full speed and power to develop your Envoice experience further. And this has made us realise the importance of communication. For all that it is worth, our customer support is fully operational to serve you. Let us know when you need help – we are here for you!

Once again, many thanks for your loyalty! Hope this craziness will be over soon and we can return to our “normal” lives with lessons learned on how we can do better things together.

Stay healthy!

On behalf of Envoice team,
Jaanus Põder


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