How e-Residency Hub serves over 800 customers with Envoice

"Adopting Envoice was a game-changer for us at e-Residency Hub. Without it, we would have needed to hire at least twice as many accountants to manage the workload from our 800+ clients worldwide.”

Martin Lään CEO, e-Residency Hub






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E-Residency Hub Team

e-Residency Hub stands out as a pioneering accounting firm focusing on e-Residency services. They assist Estonian e-Residents worldwide in helping to establish their companies in Estonia and managing their bookkeeping. Their expertise in e-Residency has led to clients from over 120 countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, and Ukraine. They primarily cater to small businesses and freelancers.

Less workforce needed for the same tasks
Quicker document processing flow
Annual growth with streamlined accounting

The Challenge

“Facing our rapid scale-up, the challenge was immense,” reflects Martin Lään, CEO of e-Residency Hub. “Our goal was to maintain a streamlined and uniform process for handling financial documents, despite catering to clients from over 120 countries.”

As the company grew, the volume of invoices and receipts from clients across the globe increased significantly. Manually processing these documents was not only time-consuming but also monotonous for their skilled accountants, who were better suited for high-level financial analysis and strategic planning.

The need for an effective solution was clear. Beyond just automating the initial data extraction, e-Residency Hub was looking for a way to make their entire accounting process more efficient. They envisioned a system that could simplify and automate routine processes, ensuring that once the initial data was captured, the subsequent accounting steps, especially for regular and recurring transactions, could be handled with minimal human intervention. This move towards greater automation was aimed not just at increasing efficiency but also at allowing their team to focus on more valuable and fulfilling aspects of their work.

Envoice’s Solution

“Envoice has revolutionized our workflow, saving countless hours and accelerating document processing by at least 2x, making our operations significantly more efficient,” states Martin.

Envoice, a cloud-based bookkeeping automation tool, has transformed the once laborious task of data entry, streamlining the management of financial documents from a diverse client base. Clients can conveniently submit their invoices and receipts through various channels, such as email, direct upload, or the Envoice mobile app. Centralized archiving and automated data extraction, facilitated by Envoice’s sophisticated AI technology, bring efficiency and simplicity to the process.

“Envoice saves us countless hours and accelerates the document processing by at least 2x,”

Martin LäänCEO, e-Residency Hub

The impact of Envoice extends beyond just automating data extraction; it aligns with the aim of an integrated, automated accounting workflow. Its capability to intelligently recognize patterns in recurring transactions allows further automation of routine accounting tasks. This advancement enables e-Residency Hub accountants to shift their focus to strategic financial analysis and advisory roles, greatly enhancing job satisfaction and the value they deliver to clients. With Envoice, they have not only streamlined their operations but also solidified their reputation as a leader in cutting-edge financial management services.

The Impact

The integration of Envoice into e-Residency Hub’s workflow has led to significant streamlining of processes and an enhancement in client service standards. Operational efficiency and client satisfaction have seen marked improvements, aligning with the firm’s commitment to flexible, location-independent services.

“Envoice has played a crucial role in achieving a notable 40% annual growth,”

Martin LäänCEO, e-Residency Hub

Freed from the constraints of manual paperwork, data entry, and repetitive tasks, the e-Residency Hub team has redirected its focus towards strategic financial analysis and offering personalized advisory services. This shift has played a crucial role in achieving a notable 40% annual growth. e-Residency Hub’s adoption of Envoice has not only optimized internal workflows but also reinforced its position as a leader in innovative financial management, adeptly catering to the expanding needs of its global clients.

e-Residency Hub Team


The journey of e-Residency Hub with Envoice exemplifies the transformative impact of digital innovation in the accounting and e-residency service sectors. This collaboration highlights how embracing advanced solutions like Envoice can significantly drive efficiency, stimulate growth, and enhance customer satisfaction, especially in a dynamic global business landscape. The remarkable 40% annual growth achieved by e-Residency Hub is a testament to the potential of technology in redefining traditional bookkeeping into a globally-oriented, remote-friendly, and cost-efficient operation. e-Residency Hub stands as a stellar example of leveraging technology to not only adapt but thrive in the evolving world of financial management.

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