Envoice simplifies Stillabunt working process and helps grow forests in Estonia

"Thanks to Envoice, the whole ordeal of processing invoices has become quicker and easier.”

Kadri Kõrgend Accountant, Stillabunt


Corporate Gifts

Stillabunt was founded nearly six years ago and it aims to offer its clients more than just tangible marketing products. The cooperation of a team of 8 people is smooth, the clients are happy with their service, and the working processes of the company are well-structured. “The market of corporate gifts is incredibly competitive, which makes us always think a few steps ahead. Stillabunt is a modern and innovative company that highly values being environmentally friendly”, Kõrgend explains.

Therefore, the company naturally chose a financial management software that would enable the paperless management of the company’s client base, accounting, and archives. Stillabunt has also given up printing paper catalogues, even though they were very popular among clients, so that more trees would be left in forests.

What was the main problem before starting using Envoice?

When Stillabunt was launching their business, the company only had two employees, who, in addition to their other numerous tasks, had to enter purchase invoices in the accounting system. The work was divided so that one person inserted national invoices and the other inserted invoices from international suppliers. Today, this task is fully covered by the purchasing specialist. When choosing accounting software, Stillabunt decided on Directo, the software solution that enables paperless accounting with online approval rounds. However, all paper invoices had to be scanned and archived in servers, they were manually inserted in Directo and the PDFs were added as attachments to the entries on purchase invoices, after which the invoices could be approved.

What is the added value of using Envoice?

“We decided to change our working processes to be innovative and save time. Our work is often seasonal, meaning there are periods when all the employees are extremely busy and when even the purchasing specialist has no time to insert purchase invoices. We also encountered situations where not all the invoices reached the person responsible for data entry”, says Kõrgend, and adds, most of the invoices they receive are forwarded in PDF format, as a picture file or on paper, we needed an easier option for the digitalization of documents. The cooperation of Envoice and Directo seemed like a perfect match. What we also love about Envoice is the fact that they invest 3% of their profit into planting new trees!”

Kõrgend says that using Envoice has helped save considerable time in data entry. It has also given the company the security of archiving documents, as the copies of purchase invoices are archived digitally by the system. “Earlier, we used to send all the invoices to one email address or leave paper invoices on the desk of the purchasing specialist. Now, all our employers can directly forward the invoices to Envoice and purchase invoices are received and digitalized instantly. From there, invoices are automatically directed to our enterprise management software, where in-house approval takes place. Thanks to Envoice, the whole ordeal of processing invoices has become quicker and easier.”

Kõrgend adds that from a user’s perspective, it would be convenient in the future when all the work could be done in one program or by a single accounting software so that no intermediate steps would be necessary. Although the team of Envoice is always extremely helpful, they still have some room for reaching their fullest potential. Kõrgend thinks that one of the improvements could be upgrading the Envoice mobile app so that one could quickly and easily make changes, adjustments or other processes necessary for the environment either from home or from the office. This would enable “cleaner” data to be entered into the enterprise management software and, therefore, help avoid changes and corrections.

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Envoice simplifies Stillabunt working process and helps grow forests in Estonia

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