Reval Auto goal was to go paperless with the help of Envoice

"Our primary goal was to go paperless regarding invoices and if we see someone with a paper invoice today, we point our finger at them."

Aune Seil Head Accountant, Reval Auto



Reval Auto Esindused OÜ, the Audi distributor in Estonia, started using Envoice’s digitalization and cost management software at the beginning of 2019. The process started with a test-period when the Envoice solution was used by the company’s offices in different locations for a couple of months. Aune Seil, the head accountant of Reval Auto comments, “Our goal was to go paperless and we have almost reached this goal today. The processes of managing purchase invoices as well as creating, inserting and reimbursing expense reports have become a lot quicker and easier.”

“Our primary goal was to go paperless regarding invoices and if we see someone with a paper invoice today, we point our finger at them”,

Aune SeilHead Accountant, Reval Auto

In Reval Auto, 900 purchase invoices are processed monthly, which used to be translated into 50 paper folders in a year. In addition to the goal to go paperless, the aim of adapting the new system was to fasten the processes related to invoices and simplify approval rounds and archiving.

The head accountant, Aune Seil, adds, “It wasn’t easy to manage the paperwork of three different dealerships. I’m working from the Kuressaare dealership but I also have to keep an eye on the paperwork of the Pärnu and Tallinn dealerships, and it’s not always easy to understand the essence of an invoice without knowing the actual context. Every branch has its own management who has to approve the invoices and the Tallinn dealership has 5 sub-divisions. The invoices would sometimes travel for days as some of them would be left unnoticed on someone’s desk or in their e-mail inbox. Monthly reports were often delayed but the essence of bookkeeping is that it should be done as quickly as possible to better analyze the activities of the company.”

After comparing different solutions, Envoice immediately stood out for its clarity, simple and logical structure, and pricing. “I used the Envoice demo version for two weeks and I had to admit that it was really comfortable. The demo version enabled us to play out our whole business process up until the accounting program. We also tested some other solutions, which turned out to be too detailed or confusing or had an annoying color scheme. As we’ll be working with the software every day, the visual part is also very important and not every solution out there has a demo version available where you could put the accounting program to test. Another pro for Envoice was its reasonable pricing. There is no point in spending half of an accountant’s salary on the technical solution alone. Thanks to Envoice, our direct costs on paper, archiving cabinets, and printing has decreased considerably, not to mention the most valuable factor gained; time, which far exceeds the monthly costs of Envoice.

“Software created for accountants with accountants, not just the IT guys!”,

Aune Seil also values the fact that Envoice offers two versions of its software – detailed and more general – and its speed, which allows users to see new invoices almost instantly. Another plus is that after approval rounds, all documents are instantly transferred to the accounting program. The future potential for Envoice could be managing sales invoices as well. Today, Reval Auto uses AutoMaster for this, which is unfortunately not yet compatible with Envoice.

“What I also love about Envoice is that I can configure the program myself, which includes importing the chart of accounts, VAT-codes, suppliers, expense factors, etc. Invoices reach the program fast and on the 10th day of the month and I can already start with checking the account records to compose the detailed income statement”, says Seil, adding that she always used to be days late with the reports.

“Speeding up the process gives the management a chance to make quicker decisions and save the time of the employees. Managing paper invoices from three different locations was extremely time-consuming as it involved gathering, registering, storing, and then archiving invoices. The process was delayed even more while someone was on a vacation, as paper invoices just piled up on a person’s desk. Envoice enables one to determine substitute employees in the approval round and easily identify people who have signed and confirmed the invoices. All the parties can quickly and easily access their confirmed invoices and expense reports.”,

Seil adds that when using Envoice, you can instantly tell that accountants have been involved in the development process, not just the IT guys. “Everything is very handy and if we have asked for some minor improvements, we have always felt understood. For example, we asked for the feature of seeing the comments added to the invoice without opening the invoice itself. People used to confirm invoices without fully focusing and reading my comments but that is not the case anymore”, explains Seil. “Their customer support is very friendly, and the system is simple and priced fairly. I strongly recommend Envoice!”

Reval Auto Esindused OÜ was founded in 2009 when the dealerships in Tallinn, Pärnu, and Kuressaare were merged. Today, the company has 86 employees.

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Reval Auto goal was to go paperless with the help of Envoice

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