1Office Estonia is a company that offers a full business services package for foreign companies in Estonia and Europe. 1Office Estonia joined Envoice users to discard the time-consuming manual document translation process. The company serves clients from over 60 countries, offering strong local knowledge, long-term international experience, and the use of modern software programs such as Envoice.

“ Processing and translating documents are very time-consuming, therefore, we highly appreciate using Envoice, which saves a lot of our valuable time”, says Ketlin Genergard, the head accountant of 1Office Estonia.

Our goal, when switching to Envoice, was to free up the time that accountants spent on manual data entry to other business challenges. “We chose Envoice because of its functionality, user-friendliness, flexibility, and pricing. Now all our employees are used with Envoice and we cannot imagine our everyday work without it”, adds Genergard.

“Our aim is to simplify business management processes for our clients even more while automating our processes but still offering a personal touch and direct contact to our accountants. Our cooperation with Envoice has enabled us to do all that.”

1Office Estonia offers services from starting a company and setting up a virtual office to accounting and legal consultations, helping their customers start, manage, and grow their businesses. The mission of 1Office Estonia is to support and make the life as easy as possible for entrepreneurs who run businesses abroad. The team at 1Office Estonia includes experienced accountants, lawyers, and tax consultants who find quick and reliable solutions to all challenging problems.